Decent into the Icehouse Teaser Trailer

Heres a short video introducing a recent project from The Foster Lab that is shortly coming to an end.  Tune in soon to find out more and take a look at some of our recent publictions for some of the latest results:

Lunt, D.J., Farnsworth, A., Loptson, C., Foster, G.L., Markwick, P., O'Brien, C.L., Pancost, R.D., Robinson, S.A., Wrobel, N. (2015) Palaeogeographic controls on climate and proxy interpretation Climate of the Past Discussion 11, 5683-5725,  doi:10.5194/cpd-11-5683-2015

Inglis, Gordon N., Farnsworth, Alexander, Lunt, Daniel, Foster, Gavin L., Hollis, Christopher J., Pagani, Mark, Jardine, Phillip E., Pearson, Paul N., Markwick, Paul, Galsworthy, Amanda M. J., Raynham, Lauren, Taylor, Kyle. W. R. and Pancost, Richard D. (2015) Descent toward the Icehouse: Eocene sea surface cooling inferred from GDGT distributions. Paleoceanography, Early View (doi:10.1002/2014PA002723). click here for data.