In my lab we use cutting edge isotopic and geochemical techniques to better understand the impact of anthropogenic climate and environmental change on the Earth System


Our Research

Our research is primarily focused on understanding how and why the Earth's System has changed over a range of timescales.  The principal tool we use to do this is isotopic geochemistry and we have a particular focus on boron isotopes.

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Who Are We?

Our research group consists of a number of research students and post-docs, led by Prof. Gavin Foster.  We come from a diverse range of scientific backgrounds and nationalities.  We are always looking for new members - so please get in touch if you would like to join us!

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Our Publications

We have archived all the publications produced so far by the Foster Lab.  Many of these publications contain large datasets that can also be found here as can a number of papers that are in the pipe line.                                                       

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